How we work

From the first meeting to the final assembly, each design is a journey to make together, aiming at constantly sharing information and experience. Discovering the phases of our work is the easiest way to understand what is behind a cost item, perceive the value, and appreciate the difference.

Inspection and sketch.

It all starts from a meeting. It can be held in the headquarters of Castenedolo, where you can breathe our passion for wood; or through an on-the-spot inspection, a useful contribution for understanding the personality of the environment and for starting taking measures of the spaces. During the appointment you can tell us about your project, whether by words or a sketch. It doesn’t matter whether on graph paper or hand-drawn on a napkin. What matters is the idea, and we will do all we can to realize it.

Sopralluogo e bozzetto
Disegno di ambiente living con mobili su misura

Designing and budgeting.

It is now up to us. Based on your idea, we will present you with a detailed project, a 2D or 3D visualization to let you watch our creations from every perspective.
Attached to the project, you will find an accurate quote including all possible cost items – materials, pieces, accessories, dimensions – so that you can evaluate and compare not only the price but also, and especially, the quality of the project.

Progettazione 3D di una cameretta
Disegno di cucina in legno artigianale

Choice of materials and colors.

After confirming the quote, we will ask you to select the type of wood, the materials and the final colors of each component among the wide range of sampling. Walnut or cherry? Matt or gloss lacquer? We already know that you will be spoilt for choice in front of our array of options. We will try to guide you, giving the opportunity to see the performance live, in addition to the color sample book.

Campionatura di colori e finiture del legno
Disegno di ambiente living con mobili su misura

Fabrication and finishing.

Now the fun starts. When we begin to cut the wood and the material starts to take the shape of your projects. A sight not to be missed and which you are invited to see, as often as you want, as well as you are invited to visit us, monitor the work in progress and see with your own eyes our craftsmen’s attention and the time devoted to each detail and each processing up to the coating. The last step of a real journey.

Realizzazione e rifinitura dei mobili all'interno della falegnameria
Disegno di cucina in legno artigianale

Packing, delivery and laying.

Once the creation is ready and packed, Fratelli Maestri doesn’t ship the goods but personally takes care of the delivery by truck. It does not matter whether the destination is Lombardy, Italy or abroad. We are committed to ensure that every single piece arrives in perfect conditions, just as it left the workshop. Our team of specialized layers travel on the truck: because only those who know the project can mount it in a workmanlike manner.

Posa di una cucina classica
Disegno di ambiente living con mobili su misura

Assistance and maintenance.

Each piece created is like our baby, and we will look after all of them although they have gone away. Fratelli Maestri is always at your disposal, for any needs, and carries out maintenance work, on call or at scheduled times, especially in the case of large-scale projects. Even after delivery, we are still your reference point. For over 130 years we have been here, and will continue to be here, every day.

Dettaglio di un mobile in manutenzione
Disegno di cucina in legno artigianale