Made-to-measure crafted wooden kitchens

Ad hoc kitchens
accurate to the millimeter.

The kitchen becomes more and more not only a place for cooking but an actual place for sharing the center of the house. A space often integrated with the living room, where functionality and design must live together. Compared to an industrial kitchen, realizing a project with Fratelli Maestri means to broaden the full potential as far as possible, by choosing together any element and exploiting every millimeter of space, thanks to a meticulous inspection, carried out immediately and not after the quote.

Crafted wooden kitchens that can be ultramodern or classic, country, in Provence style, with island and peninsula, cabinet doors that can be smooth, super smooth or carved. With us you can give life to original projects, mixing different moods for a truly unique creation, able to meet your specific requirements. Do you want a 80-centimeter-deep countertop? A cabinet door evoking the 50s? Or reproduce that contemporary shape you saw in a magazine? With Fratelli Maestri everything is possible.

Beyond wood.
The taste of technology.

Marble, steel, corian, okite. In addition to wood, Fratelli Maestri cooperates with different realities so that you can choose the ideal countertop from a wide range of materials, even the most innovative. And the same goes for household appliances – burners, induction cooktops, dishwashers, ovens, hoods – in such a way as to present an all inclusive project and a quote.

Particolare cucina su misura in rovere sbiancato a poro aperto. Gardone Riviera.