Custom windows

The emotion of the most performing
wood of all times.

Choosing wooden windows and doors is an unavoidable choice for those who believe in the capability of a window to define the authentic character of an environment. With Fratelli Maestri you can embrace the elegance of a material that, with today’s techniques, can guarantee high performances in terms of insulation, resistance and non-deformability. We offer any type of custom window completely in wood or wood inside and aluminum outside, to be designed according to the sizes, shapes and finishes you prefer.

Starting from different thicknesses (68 and 92 millimeters) we can recreate any design. Classic rectangular windows, square shaped, triangle shaped, trapezoidal, arch-shaped, oval, porthole style, lift sliding doors or tilt and turn doors, provided with blinds, grills as well as interior and exterior shutters. Every window comes with double or triple seal– acoustic, thermal and to ensure water tightness – and is treated with solvent-free water varnishes to offer exceptional water resistance and protect wood from aggressive chemical and environmental aggressions.

More comfort,
more savings.

All windows realized by Fratelli Maestri are characterized by low emissivity glass and a double-glazing system which includes gas Argon in the hollow space to enhance comfort and thermal insulation. A key factor to lower the heating, to save on the bill and get in a few years a total return on investment.

Finestra su misura in abitazione su Lago di Garda (Brescia)
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