Custom wood internal doors

Solidity without compromise.

The value of an environment starts from its entrance door. And Fratelli Maestri’s doors communicate elegance and robustness at first sight as well as when you turn the handle for the first time. No honeycomb wood – too light, fragile, likely to unglue – but only solid wood, in whole, from A to Z. A solid door, made to last and withstand the passing of the seasons: the type that opens and closes, in twenty years, just as on the first day.

Internal and external doors, swing doors, slat doors, floor-to-ceiling doors, flush to the wall doors, with boiserie, in glass, bugna doors, of any shape, size and coating. There are no limits to your imagination as well as there are no limits to the design potential. The only limitation is determined by the quality of the wood and the obsessive care for each detail. All projects are welcome, and they always find an open door at Fratelli Maestri.

The difference is in details.

There may be details that escape the customer’s eye but not our craftsmen’s or skilled architects’ attention. Like the hinges created specifically to support an important structure, the precision of the pantographic process and the perfection of finishes that faithfully reflects the drawing received. Details that you will be able to feel and touch over time, details that give due weight and meaning to each hour of work.

Porta scorrevole laccata bianca in appartamento a Brescia
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