Custom-made wooden furniture.
In the rooms of perfection.

A house studied with a carpentry is immediately recognizable. We spot it at first sight: as each square meter has been carefully taken care of, there are no useless empty spaces, annoying protrusions, inaccurate finishes. As soon as we touch it becomes evident: opening a shutter, brushing against a profile, perceiving the robustness of each structure. With Fratelli Maestri these sensations are amplified, thanks to an over-130- year experience which is renewed every day, using the best techniques available still bearing the hand-crafted imprint.

Kitchens, beds, wardrobes, bookcases, buffet, boiserie, bathroom furniture. In each room we can create a small work of art or a custom-made world that mirrors your interests and passions, even the ones you have never expressed. It’s the magic of the top-quality solid wood, which our craftsmen mold from scratch. A house is composed only of four walls, until you opt for custom-made furniture, and those walls start to come to life.