Wooden living room furniture

Space to your idea of living room.

The living room is where we spend most of our time, the room to which we pay more attention in terms of design and choice of furniture. Fratelli Maestri can help you design the whole environment or individual furniture pieces. Bookcases, boiserie, tables, chairs, consolle, buffet, cupboards, cabinets, shelves, tv furniture. One-of-a-kind pieces to be proud of when you have guests over because maybe you drew the pieces yourself or you were the one who chose every detail: from the essence to the number of shelves, from the color to the finishes.

The beautiful thing about studying the living area is to come up with original solutions, like faithfully recreating that piece of antique furniture of your ancestors, reproducing to the finest detail the bookcase that you saw in a newspaper, or giving free rein to the imagination, finding new solutions for lines and shapes, thanks to the expressive power of the best wood and the support of real craftsmen.

Walls and ceilings,
without limits.

Our creations go beyond furniture, they also extend to the various coatings of the room. Walls, boiserie and wooden ceilings that interact with the wood flooring, letting you immerse yourself in an experience, visual and tactile, of great impact. Surfaces that integrate with shelves, bookcases and other pieces of furniture, like a fireplace. Warmth in its pure form.

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